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The Eye (Ltd. Reissue 2LP)

Product Type: Vinyl
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„The Eye“, das 2003 erschienene, elfte Album YELLOs, enthält Fan-Favoriten wie „Planet Dada“, „Tiger Dust“ und „Indigo Bay“.

Anno 2021 the album will now also be released on vinyl (180g double LP) as a one-time limited edition.


  1. Planet Dada
  2. Nervous
  3. Don Turbulento
  4. Soul On Ice
  5. Junior B
  6. Tiger Dust
  7. Distant Solution
  8. Hipster's Delay
  9. Time Palace
  10. Indigo Bay
  11. Unreal
  12. Bougainville
  13. Star Breath
  14. Planet Dada